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Open Source is quickly gaining momentum, even to the extent that one may wonder whether there is something really extraordinary going on, or whether it is just one of those hypes that strike the IT world at times.

Open Source Software combines the strengths of proprietary software development, where big investments can be made since the software licenses will eventually, hopefully, return the investments, and the free software movement, where an almost unlimited number of very enthusiastic software engineers, often unrespectfully called 'hackers', provide an enormous amount of skills and energy.

The GNU Linux operating system, the OpenOffice.org office suite and the Apache Web server are a few examples of how an open source project can produce quality software that can match proprietary industrial applications.

Squirrel Consultancy have been involved in free software since 1984. We have a lot of experience in deploying free software, contributing to it, and setting up Open Source strategies for commercial organisations.

This experience we'll be glad to share with you.

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