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Squirrel Consultancy is a small company specialized in software engineering. Its main areas of expertise are consultancy on software tools and electronic document processing using advanced computer-technology.

Our flagship products are our Perl trainings, and the Perl Pocket Guide, with over 150,000 copies sold in four editions and nine translations.

A fundamental difference with most other companies is that Squirrel Consultancy considers the user to be most important, not the software. The software is here to do your job, not the other way around.

For more information:
Squirrel Consultancy
Tel: +31 591 548 468
Fax: Available on demand
E-mail: info@squirrel.nl

Squirrel Consultancy is affiliated to, amongst others, the Open Document Foundation (ODF), Business Support Open Office.org Nederland (BsOOo), Novell Partnernet, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Dutch Foundation for Promotion of Perl (SPPN), Dutch Linux User Group (NLLGG), Dutch Unix User Group (NLUUG), and the Dutch TeX User Group (NTG). We obey the guidelines as originally defined by the Dutch Institute for Registered IT Specialists (VRI).
Squirrel Consultancy is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Drenthe (the Netherlands), with number 34101005.

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